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成人及高級組學生芭蕾舞劇目選段班 I Adult and Senior Students Ballet Repertoire Classes I


在2017年,香港芭蕾舞學會頭炮呈獻周日成人及高級組學生芭蕾舞劇目選段班,讓一眾芭蕾愛好者自我增值,並一同走進不一樣的芭蕾世界,共同享受演譯舞段的樂趣!導師團隊陣容鼎盛,有﹕Stephen Xavier (香港芭蕾舞學會藝術總監)、沈濟燕老師、許綺蓮老師以及黎秀婷老師 (排名不分先後)。課堂全程以鋼琴伴奏。

日期﹕2017年2月19日至5月14日( 逄星期日,共十二節,3月19日除外)


入學資格﹕已完成相等於英國皇家芭蕾舞蹈學院(RAD) Advance Foundation 程度或以上




We usually focus heavily on technique and exam syllabus during ballet classes, which are very important foundation work for later developments, but unfortunately there is never enough time and opportunity for learning the traditional and graceful ballet repertoire pieces, and the enjoyment of ballet as a dance form for the average student is sadly discounted.

In 2017, The Hong Kong Ballet Group would like to share with you a different ballet scene by presenting the Adult and Senior Students Ballet Repertoire Classes. Don't miss this chance if you want to widen your practical knowledge of ballet and character!
The experienced coaching team includes Mr. Stephen Xavier (The Artistic Director of The Hong Kong Ballet Group), Ms. Shum Chai-Yin, Ms. Eileen Hui and Ms. Christina Lai (in no particular order). Piano accompanist will be provided in every class.

Date: 19.2.2017 to 14.5.2017 (On Sundays except 19.3.2017, in total 12 lessons)
Venue: Dance Studio, 6/F, Youth Square
First-come, First-served!

Adult Ballet Repertoire Class
Age: 30 or above
Requirement: With at least 5 years of ballet experience
Time: 4:00-5:15pm

Senior Students Ballet Repertoire Class
Age: 13 or above
Requirement: With equivalent to RAD Advance Foundation level or above
Time: 5:30-6:45pm

Without the pressure of examination, you may enjoy more fun of ballet. It is a rare opportunity to learn repertoire from a team of experienced professional dancers. Don't wait and enroll now! 


成人及高級組學生芭蕾舞劇目選段班 I Adult and Senior Students Ballet Repertoire Classes I