The Hong Kong Ballet Group



1973年,芭蕾舞學會邀請到世界知名的芭蕾伶娜瑪歌芳婷成為贊助人,同年,Lady Maclehose應邀為名譽贊助人,自此起歷屆港督(現為特區行政首長)夫人均為本會擔任名譽贊助人。

1974年,瑪歌芳婷應邀來港為芭蕾舞學會作籌款演出,並帶同其舞蹈夥伴保爾(Heinz Bosl)來港。惜保爾於該次演出後不久辭世,芭蕾舞學會遂成立「Heinz Bosl獎學金」,支持本地有潛質的芭蕾舞新秀到海外芭蕾舞學校接受專業訓練。1976年,呂紹梅成為首位獎學金得主,赴笈英國皇家芭蕾舞學校。





The Hong Kong Ballet Group (the Ballet Group), the longest running ballet organization in Hong Kong, was formed as a non-profit organization in July 1964 by a group of local ballet teachers to pool resources so that their students could have the opportunity to perform on stage, as such experience being a vital part of this performing art form.

The first two performances were presented by the Hong Kong Music Department in 1966 and 1969. 1973 was a turning point in the history of the Ballet Group, when Dame Margot Fonteyn became our Patron, the Governor's wife became the Honorary Patron and Mrs. Sally Leung became the President.

Mr. Heinz Bosl, a wonderful German artist, partnered Dame Margot Fonteyn in the fundraising performance for the Ballet Group at Lee Theatre in 1974. With the sudden death of Mr. Bosl shortly after the event, a Scholarship was launched in his memory. Mr. Cliff Lui was the first recipient of the Scholarship for studying at the Royal Ballet School for one year.

A second scholarship was launched in 1991, naming after Dame Margot Fonteyn who had inspired and supported the Ballet Group for 18 years.

Performances have been presented regularly and our repertoire included most favourite classical ballets such as Giselle, Swan Lake, La Sylphide, Sleeping Beauty etc. The Ballet Group had also toured to Macau, Singapore, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and the performances were all very enthusiastically received.

Since its inception in 2000, the Hong Kong Ballet Group Stars Award has come to be recognized as the one impartial ballet competition open to all ballet students of Hong Kong. Entrants, in levels according to age and gender, compete in front of a panel of adjudicators of international professional caliber. Talents were identified and encouraged by awards and scholarships to study at overseas summer programmes.

Over the years, the membership of the Ballet Group has grown from a small group of supporters to hundreds of members. The Hong Kong Ballet Group Stars Award has drawn almost 7,000 participants. Many of the Ballet Group’s participants and scholarship recipients have subsequently developed successful dance careers, becoming professional dancers and choreographers at world renowned ballet companies.